How Fear of Illness and Death Can Help You, Our Countries, and PlanetOne Day Seminar 


WHEN: Sat April 17, 2021 or Sat, April 24, 2021 LECTOR: Drs. Amy and Arny Mindell

How Fear of Illness and Death Can Help You, Our Countries, and Planet

One Day Seminar Online on Zoom - or View as a Recording Later


Sat April 17, 2021 @ 10am-1pm + 2:30-5:30pm (USA Pacific Time) in English Only
Sat, April 24, 2021 @ 6-9am + 10am-1pm (USA Pacific Time) , 3-6 pm + 7-10 pm Central European Time with Translations in Castellano, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Slovak

If we go on living as we do today in our personal and in our relationship and business lives, human existence on Earth will end in 180 years!

Our planet needs your help!

That is why we created this 6 hour online ZOOM seminar. We will demonstrate:

New Process-oriented Psychology Methods to work with and integrate

- Body Problems,

- Death Fears

- and Relationship Troubles

Our Main point is that FEAR OF ILLNESS +DEATH IS NEEDED to Awaken You to Your Timeless Self and World Changing Power

This 1 Day online workshop will present new, brief introductory talks, demonstrations, and experiential exercises. During the LIVE online seminar, there

will also be times for questions and answers.

Part I: How Your Worst Body Symptoms and Death Fears Reveal Your Personal and Worldly Powers

Part II: Death-Integrated Relationship Work Creates a More Exciting and Better World

For everyone, including those only VIEWING THE RECORDING, a link to the recording will be sent after the seminar ends, and will be available to view for 10 days.


- Full rate: $180

- Reduced rate: $90

- Pay What You Can (The two seminars are offered to those who cannot afford the full or reduced rate on a Pay What You Can basis, i.e., pay what is possible for you based on your finances.)


If you have a PayPal account, send money to

for the seminar on April 17 - in English Only or to for the seminar on April 24 - with Translations

To Register:

Contact: Lily Vassiliou at

Drs. Amy and Arny Mindell

Amy and Arny have worked for and taught many organizations including the U.N..They are often keynote speakers at international conferences on therapy, psychology, physics, business, organizational change and conflict work and have been on local and international radio and TV in many countries.

Amy is an artist, singer-songwriter, author, and has developed Process Work in the areas of movement, supervision, coma, and creativity. Her newest book is "Your Unique Facilitator Style."

Arny is known for his development of moving from the "Dreambody" to "Process Work" (Process Oriented Psychology). He has written 23 books including Sitting in the Fire, The Deep Democracy of Open Forums, and his most recent book, The Leader's 2nd Training.

Arny and Amy reside part of the year in Portland Oregon, where they have their private practices and give classes at the Processwork Institute together with many other colleagues. They live part of the year on the Oregon coast where they do residential seminars and watch whales. They are avid researchers, and love skiing, running and hiking.