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Welcome on the website of the Institute of Process Oriented Psychology in Slovakia

Heyoka trickster figure from Native American tradition, which rides backwards. POP rides also backwards- it notices unusual aspects, which we tend to ignore and sees them as potential sources of wisdom.


POPI-Slovakia was founded 1995 to support training in Process Work (in Europe more known as Process Oriented Psychology), which was founded and is still developed by Arnold Mindell and his colleagues. On this website you can find out about Process Work events, seminars, training and facilitation in Slovakia. You can also learn about Process Oriented Psychology, and its applications to:

personal, couple, family and group therapy,
dream and body work,
creativity and the arts,
working with addictions, altered and extreme psychiatric states,
working with dying people, people in coma, grief counseling,
managment, organizational development and community building,

conflict resolution and worldwork


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